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Midflight flight fly

He said, " Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward , for there you have been, and there you will always long to return" -

Leonardo Da Vinci

In 2019, I began to find a different purpose and feel more deeply about my journey on this earth.
I felt lost at times; the spark I had at the beginning of the project had disappeared.
I recently stumbled upon my images I found quite moving. I shared them seven years ago when I started shooting the project; it was about freedom and feeling liberated. However, as we fast forward to 2023, the last three years' events have altered my perspective and how I look at the images I captured.
Seeing how I have evolved and grown over the years is inspiring. In 2019, I began to feel a more profound sense of purpose and connection to my journey in life. Although admittedly, I felt lost at times, I managed to push through and keep going despite losing my initial spark for the project.
Life in 2020 was undoubtedly challenging for many people. I had an incredibly challenging time with the pandemic and losing a loved one. Grief and sorrow can be complicated, and I felt overwhelmed. It took a lot of strength to keep going in the face of such adversity; I felt my body physically reacting to it all.
I felt overwhelmed and consumed by life's challenges. I needed to take a step back and reflect on my experiences. While it was difficult to see the purpose behind everything that happens, it felt crucial to believe that there is a reason for everything. A journey to regain faith, but with time and patience, finding meaning in even the toughest of times is possible.
I was just surviving daily, fighting for everything and everyone in my life. Saturated, I battled to keep my head above the waves of emotion. I could feel every bump, every scratch, and every bruise. I felt stuck and tried to unstick myself by taking deep, calming breaths. Knowing myself, I knew I would not settle for this... I kept looking for the things I needed to keep me feeling alive. I convinced myself it was time to listen, although I knew this ride would not end soon... But I hoped I could grow in the quiet times of my sorrow, the obstacles, the challenges, and whatever life threw at me. I knew I had to hold on tight... So I did! I knew beauty would shine upon me again...Someday.
It was 2021 when I finally felt myself slowly beginning to rise again. After feeling stuck and in a state of ennui, I suddenly became hopeful. From that point on, I went into mid-flight, feeling like I was soaring. That feeling of starting to fly became my guru, and I was searching for the flight. I put the project together and worked diligently towards my goals.
But then, in mid-2022, I lost my dearest, sweetest companion. It was another huge blow. I had already lost two other beautiful cats, although both had lived long lives. I had poured every bit of my Love into their well-being; they were like family members. Losing them devastated me. However, I found solace in knowing deep in my soul that I had given them a good, loving life. Sometimes I feel like only God knows how much I think of them. 
Hana and Royce were the first to leave. Flutie, my faithful companion of the past three years, was the one who felt the brunt of my grief. I had lived my life for him and his needs, and he had lived a remarkable 22 years. I knew his age would eventually catch up with him, but I was never truly prepared for when he would leave this world. There are no words to describe the emptiness I felt when he was gone, but Flutie had been there for me through everything and always held me up when I felt like I was about to collapse.
As I held him close in his final moments, Flutie gave me a look that said, "Now go love yourself as much as you loved me." It brought tears to my eyes then, and it still does now. But somehow, I'm getting back to myself again. I'm learning to live in the light again.
Life is full of storms, but I'm determined to be the thunder that shakes the world. I'm taking deep breaths and learning to fly higher than ever before. I've decided to not let life's challenges drag me down because I have people who depend on me, and I want to be there for them. The future is uncertain, but I'm ready to find my balance and keep moving forward.
I may have few choices, but I'm not a quitter. Life is in my hands, and I will make the most of it. It's my magic, my wonder, and my flight. 
Today I see myself in the light.
Am I strong enough to endure the storms of life? I want to feel that I am the thunder of life. I was trying to grasp a lot of air. Now I am breathing more freely and looking forward to flying further... I am in mid-flight.. but I have also experienced flight this year. I'm reaching out to fly more often.
I decided to refuse to let events of this life take me down.. because they're always lurking.
The future is unknown; I must find The Ways, the balance, and the centered self.

I'm holding life in the palm of my hand. My life, my magic, my wonder flight.

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