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A picture says a thousand words, but are yours reaching your goal as a photographer?
Are you a photographer looking to establish your goals? I can assist you in getting organized and taking the next step toward achieving your aspirations. Whether pursuing a career in professional photography or advancing your skills as an amateur, my in-depth knowledge of photography and diverse background can help guide you. 

As a professional photographer, installation artist, teacher, editor, and curator, I have the experience and expertise to help you reach your goals. I approach my consulting sessions similarly to art therapy, using the creation of art to increase self-awareness and promote personal development. These sessions are based on personality theories, human development, psychology, family systems, and art education. 
Keep your pictures from falling short of their potential - let's work together to ensure they reach their intended audience.
For more information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Note from Photographers :

Banafsheh's' portfolio review is, in a word, AMAZING! I asked Banafsheh to help me assemble my portfolio when preparing to apply to art school. I didn't know it was going to be a 6-hour journey of self–discovery. We reviewed the images I had taken over the last few years and developed a portfolio I used to submit as part of my application package. As a result of this review, I received a $2500.00 scholarship based on the strength of my portfolio.
Christine Tinsley

"This was my first portfolio review with Banafsheh, and it was one of the most productive & learning experiences I've ever had about photography. She helped me identify my strong points and how I can improve & build my skills around them. More importantly, it helped me realize why I shoot the way I do. This has not only helped me focus more on getting the right shot the first time but also challenged me and pushed me toward overcoming my boundaries. I hope she will see an improvement in my photos in the next review session. Thanks a lot, Banafsheh!!"
Tana Gaurav

Working with you on my portfolio helped me step back and understand my work. When I came to you, my photography was all over the place, and talking about it and having you notice trends and a repeating style helped me realize what I want to pursue. Overall, the portfolio review was a great experience that was necessary for me.
-Alex Fitzgerald

Truly eye-opening!
Rachel Cohen

The sessions helped me to see my work in such a different light.
Loretta Rosen

I was able to take away great Lessons in crafting my art so that it better expresses myself by letting go of my inhibitions and attempting not to "overthink." To that end, this immediately translated into the form of my artistic statement, which was quickly composed after our initial conversation.
Michael Yood


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