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Ode to Edward Hopper

"Maybe I am not very human. All I wanted to do was to paint the sunlight on the side of the house." Edward Hopper

When I look at Edward Hopper's paintings, I see a lifetime of effort to capture that elusive, otherworldly, even light. I remember first seeing his work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Later, at the Whitney, I found myself mesmerized by his works, staring at them for hours. The magic he saw in the mundane was brilliant! He discovered that magic in the commonplace and put it down on canvas, laying down the emotions inherent in the solitude of his subjects so that we could feel it. Among all of the emotional layers in his paintings, the feelings brought on by his representation of solitude cried out to me the most. Hopper's sense of solitude did not arise because he felt lonely but because he needed that quiet space to be alone to create. He wanted to paint a vibrant interior light and enjoyed it solitarily. He painted pictures of people by themselves, people who were alone but not necessarily lonely. Hopper and I both love the rustic New England. We love the serenity, the fantasy, the daydream ... We love the movies and ambiguity. It may be about how we inspire each other as artists because nobody else can understand why we do what we do. I want the results of this project to show my love for my subject, in this case, another artist, Edward Hopper.

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