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Faces of Eve, The Wedding weekend

Here are some of the answers that I remember from my conversations. I have these conversations on different tapes in my studio in a box, but sadly, I don't have access to it right now, so I'm writing just from notes and memories.
Some of it is sexual. And some of it is simply sensual. The love of everything female. Which included clothes, makeup, hair, and most of the time, a lot of them talk about shoes. One of them, I remember, clearly admitted to being visually stimulated by women's breasts, so he wanted to have them, too, just for attention.
On Sami's notes, he cross-dresses, from wanting more options in women's clothes, to feeling more elegant. He felt Cross-dressing as a canvas to be another person, a female—a term for wearing another gender's clothing.

On another note, he would hide many female clothing items as a teenager or even younger in his closet because he was interested and found them alluring. This desire appeared by looking at his mother and his sister's clothes. He sometimes felt lonely and odd. So one day, out of curiosity and sexual thrill, he puts on a pair of panties and gives himself an incredibly good-feeling orgasm. Damn, that felt good! So that little teenage brain says, if that felt so good, let's do it again!

On another note, Although it makes me feel good when dressing, it also makes me feel ashamed sometimes afterward. I believe society's negative views on cross-dressing bring on these feelings and my thinking that somehow I am doing something wrong.

On another note, nobody is 100% Male or female. Everyone has a mix of both attributes. Cross-dressing is doing something taboo, wearing soft, colorful clothes, and discovering the feminity in me. And because I am a heterosexual male, I like women, even more when I cross-dress.

Everything happens at the right time and for the right reason. Our political environment is currently heinous regarding people who are different or feel differently, so I'm glad I finally touched upon this project. I'm presenting it to the world glad I finally touched upon t....ct, and I'm showing a small glimpse of it to the world glad I finally felt upon this project, and I'm presenting it to them currently.
Freedom of choice, expression, and individuality, especially in clothing, applies to all, not just the female gender.

It is the usual hypocrisy and bigotry that this question needs to look at itself. Clothing does not define you; the individual defines it.

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