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Faces of Eve, Samie

Via Samantha, I met other straight male crossdressers. They were interesting people; one guy was a CEO of a company. He had a photo of himself dressed in Boots, short skirts, and beautiful long blonde hair on his desk, and no one in the company knew that woman in the photo was himself, Samie. I had a few evenings with Samie and Samantha's friends, and eventually, I got invited to live in Provincetown for five days with straight men crossdressers who were there for a wedding. The wedding of a woman marrying a straight male crossdresser. They were both in white gowns.
One of the most interesting things I've learned about this group is that there's a lot of prejudice towards them from the gay community and also the heterosexual because they are told to either come out of the closet one way or the other...
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