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Faces of Eve, Amber

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Faces of Eve, Amber I

This project is very special to me. It was one of the very first projects that I tried to put together with small funding, and the subject was fascinating because I didn't know much about it.

I became interested in doing this project when I met Rich. I met Rich somewhere around 2005, and we began our friendship. I call my friendship with Rich to this day after 18-plus years an intellectual encounter. I am not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg, when Rich told me or when I realized that Rich likes to cross-dress. Or did he put an ad somewhere that he would like to be photographed as a crossdresser?
So I began photographing him. I realized how much she loves being in front of my camera as a woman, Amber.
Rich's sexuality to me to this day is unknown, but then I met other men who were mainly straight, and they would cross-dress.
Between knowing Rich and the others, I met a woman named Samantha. And what she did for a living was very interesting. She had a pretty glamorous studio space for straight men crossdressers. She would dress them up, do their makeup, and serve them tea so they would have a tea ceremony while dressed in their female personality....

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